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2018埃及总统选举拉开帷幕 塞西胜出几无悬念

CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: CNN 10 is taking you to Egypt for our first story thisTuesday. I'm Carl Azuz. Thank you for watching the show. Polls are open in the North African country of 97 million people. A three-day longelection began on Monday that will determine the next president of Egypt. But expertssay that's a foregone conclusion, that the country's current leader, President AbdelFattah Al-Sisi, is certain to win another term. This is Egypt's third election since long time leader Hosni Mubarak was forced out ofpower in 2011. And that time, like several countries in the Middle East and NorthAfrica, Egypt saw a wave of protests against its government that led to significantchanges in leadership. But today, like several of those same countries, Egypt continuesto struggle with economic problems, limited opportunities for its people andterrorism. President Sisi was first elected in 2014 and a win this week would bring his second andlast four-year term. One reason why the vote is being watched worldwide is because ifturnout is high, it's possible President Sisi will try to change Egypt's constitutionso he can serve longer. IAN LEE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Let's take a ride around the streets of Cairo. If youhaven't noticed, Egypt is having a presidential election. A kaleidoscope of campaignposters wallpapers the city. But you might have noticed something missing, the opposition. It's not my fault, Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said in an interview. Iswear to god I wish there would have been more candidates for people to choose whatthey want, but they were not ready yet. There's no shame in this. There were high profile contenders, but Egyptian authorities arrested former armyGeneral Sami Anan on a number of charges. Ahmed Shafiq, a former 2012 presidentialcandidate, withdrew amid reports of intimidation. Human rights lawyer Khaled Aliwithdrew after saying he was under pressure from authorities. Muhammad Anwar Sadat, the nephew of late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, also says hefelt pressure to withdraw. After searching, we finally found the subtle posters of Mousa Mustapha Mousa, a lastminute and little known challenger. MOUSA MOSTAFA MOUSA, EGYPTIAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: President Sisi was goingalone in this game and if he falls, we all fall. REPORTER: Mousa is accused of being a stooge of the government, a tool, to give theelection the veneer of legitimacy. He denies this and insists his platform makeshim the better candidate. No one doubts Sisi will win. The real challenge is voter apathy. His get out thevote campaign aims to drive Egyptians to the polls, and give him the broad mandatehe needs for another four years. Ian Lee, CNN, Cairo. CNN10分钟新闻主持人卡尔•阿祖兹:本周二的CNN10分钟新闻首先来关注埃及。我是卡尔•阿祖兹。谢谢大家收看。 这个拥有9700万人口的北非国家开启总统选举投票进程。为期三天的选举投票于周一开始,投票结果将决定下届埃及总统的人选。不过专家表示,结果已成定局,埃及现任总统阿卜杜勒•法塔赫•塞西肯定会赢得下一届任期。 这是埃及自2011年长期领导人胡斯尼•穆巴拉克被赶下台以来举行的第三次选举。2011年时,和中东以及北非的多个国家一样,埃及也发生了一波抗议潮,继而导致了领导层的重大改变。但是现在,和许多当时发生抗议的中东和北非国家一样,埃及仍在努力应对经济问题、民众可获得的机会有限以及恐怖主义。 塞西总统于2014年首次当选,本周胜选后他将开始第二个四年任期,也是最后一个任期。全世界都在关注这场选举的其中一个原因是,如果投票率高,那塞西可能会更改埃及宪法,使他可以任职更长时间。 CNN记者伊恩•李:我们去开罗街头转转。不知你们是否注意到了,埃及正在举行总统大选。开罗置身于各种竞选海报中。 不过大家可能发现少了些什么——反对派。 埃及总统阿卜杜勒•法塔赫•塞西在接受采访时表示,这不是我的错。我向上帝发誓,我希望有更多的候选人,让民众选择他们想要的总统,但是他们还没准备好。这没有什么可羞愧的。 此前出现过一些高知名度的竞争者,但是埃及政府以多项罪名逮捕了前陆军将军萨米•安南。艾哈迈德•沙菲克曾是2012年总统大选候选人,他因受到恐吓而退出选举。人权律师哈立德•阿里在退出选举后表示,政府对其施加了压力。 穆罕默德•安瓦尔•萨达特是已故埃及总统安瓦尔•萨达特的侄子,他表示他也是迫于政府的压力才退出选举。 在寻找了一段时间之后,我们终于发现了穆萨•穆斯塔法•穆萨的小海报,这位鲜为人知的挑战者在最后一刻宣布参选。 埃及总统大选候选人穆萨•穆斯塔法•穆萨:塞西总统会独自竞选,如果他失败了,那我们就都失败了。 记者:穆萨被指责是埃及政府的傀儡和工具,他的出现是为了使这场总统大选看上去合法。他否认了这些指责,并坚称他的政治观点使他成为更好的候选人。 没人怀疑塞西会胜选。真正的挑战是选民的漠不关心。他进行了动员投票行动,旨在鼓励埃及选民参与总统大选投票,使他可以获得下一届四年任期所需要的广泛授权。 CNN新闻,伊恩•李开罗报道。







2018埃及总统选举拉开帷幕 塞西胜出几无悬念

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